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Frequently Asked Questions




What makes us different & why should you choose our clinic?


Continuity of care, our commitment to excellence, and your belief that you deserve to be treated with respect and compassion. Continuity of care means that your therapist and therapy team will remain the same for the duration of your care with us. Consistent care and optimal outcomes are our goal. Our commitment to excellence runs throughout our service, patient care, handling your billing, and working with your schedule. 


Does insurance cover my treatment?


Yes, in most cases. Our office staff will assist you in understanding your coverage. We have contracts with most insurance plans and specialty network providers. We bill your insurance as a courtesy and assist you in getting payment for the services we provide. We accept cash, check, and credit. 


Do I have to attend therapy where my physician referred me?


No, you can take a physician referral to your provider of choice, unless your insurance has selected providers. You can give us a call to determine if you can be seen in our clinic. 


What should I expect on my first visit?


Your therapist will perform a comprehensive evaluation after you have completed the required health history and information paperwork regarding your current reason for attending therapy.


Plan to arrive early to complete this paperwork, so that we can spend your first visit in evaluation, treatment and designing your plan of care. We will discuss your goals and design a therapy plan that is right for you. 


What should I wear to therapy?


Active clothing that is comfortable, allows easy movement and exposure of the area that will be treated. We do provide shorts and gowns for your convenience.  Because therapy is provided in an open area and involves stretching and active movement, dress for the situation. 


How long will I be there each appointment?


The initial evaluation is one hour.


Each session after the initial evaluation with last between 30 min to 1 hour, dependent upon your program. 


Will my appointments be set up on the day of my initial evaluation?


Yes, advance scheduling your appointments with us allows you to plan other activities and appointments around your therapy schedule. 


What if I need to miss a scheduled appointment?


We understand that sometimes life just happens, in spite of your schedule, give us a call.  We will work with you to make up for any appointments you have to miss, because we understand that successful outcomes are the result of consistent care and effort. Your schedule was designed to optimize your recovery.

We require a 24-hour notice to change or cancel an appointment. 


What if I have an appointment and fail to show up or call?


We have designated staff assigned to treat you for that appointment, failing to give us time to fill your spot with another patient, is a breach in your responsibility and is disrespectful to your therapy team.  Calling is the right thing to do. 


What if I arrive early or late for my appointment?


We work hard to accommodate you, but you must remember that many other people have scheduled appointments before or after you.  If you arrive early, we may not be able to cut into their treatment time. We may have to shorten your treatment for that day if you are late, so that you can still get treatment. 


Can I bring family and friends to visit?


Due to space limitations in our clinic we do not allow visitors, including children (unless granted permission) into the treatment area. Caregivers or family members assisting with health information are welcome during that phase of the appointment. 


What is your cell phone policy?


We simply ask that you respect our other clients and your treating staff. Silence your phones while in treatment as a courtesy, so that you can be engaged in your treatment. 

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